Broadway Clones

Early in the project, we discovered the restaurant we were removing to make room for this project was actually straddling a property line.  We had 2 lots, not 1.  Rather than vacate the property line, we created a Limited Common Area agreement and a new subdivision which allowed us to group the access, then chose a “clones” concept for the buildings.  Each building holds to its own setbacks and can sold or held separately.

Our client’s program called for approximately 7,800 square feet of mixed use commercial and residential space.  It was a challenge coupling the square footage with the City’s requirements for parking and landscaping.  The solution; we placed most of the building area on the second floor, over the parking.  By putting the building up over the parking lot, the office spaces would enjoy better light and views, the parking would be partially covered, and we’d meet the City requirements.

The character of the buildings is born out of simple utility.  Commercial projects are largely driven by budget and the simple forms allowed us to build economically.  The atypical roof line and cantilevered forms give the project character without greatly increasing the cost.

The 10 and 20 Pioneer Lane “clones” were completed in 2005 by Teton Heritage Builders.