The d|a Experience

From conception to completion, our cutting-edge technology keeps things interactive, engaging, and transparent for our clients.

Easy Access With Voosey

Fly through your home any time, any where, with a mobile app inspired by d|a’s workflow.

Providing clients with easy access to their plans and 3D model from anywhere has always been at the core of the d|a experience.

Founded and developed by d|a Principal Chris Lee and software developer Justin Means, Voosey is a new app that makes viewing your homes in 3D fun and effortless.

Every d|a home has a digital twin, modeled in strict tandem with the actual specifications of the construction documents to exact accuracy. 

These digital twins live on Voosey, where clients can review design changes, paint, furnish, and visualize their home as it actually would stand amongst its surroundings.

We capture 360˚ skyboxes of your site, and those live as part of your digital twin home, enabling accurate visualizations of your mountain views, sun lighting, and other environmental factors.

You can fly through your entire home from the couch and review every detail, ensuring everything is just right.

Requesting a change?  We’re able to update the models within moments.  Our advanced modeling software allows changes to be processed within minutes to hours rather the typical weeks it takes for the typical tech-adverse firm.


Virtual Reality

Before ground even breaks, clients at d|a are able to spend time in their new home in virtual reality.  Every detail from the views to materials are crafted by our team to near-exact detail as their real-world counterpart would appear. 

This eliminates any surprises, encourages feedback early in the process, and cuts costs by eliminating potentially expensive corrections during construction. 

Need a larger window?  Move the door over by a foot?  These corrections are painless in VR early in the process, and would be much more difficult when construction is already underway.


Our renderings are crafted in real time with amazing GPU accelerated software packages whose roots lie in the video games industry.

By incorporating it into our process, we are able to deliver stunning architectural presentations, with a high degree of realism and crystal-clear 4K movie quality.  

This brings to our clients a greater degree of confidence in our design, as it creates a new artistic, realistic way for them to experience our design.



By using Archicad, one of the most advanced software packages in the industry, we are able to work with nimble precision at lightning fast speeds.  By modeling our projects in 3D, we are able to study and enhance them in ways that 2D just doesn’t allow.


Not only does the added dimensionality help us better communicate ideas to Clients and Contractors, the modeling gives us the ability and confidence to dig deeper into designs, and reduces the likelihood of errors and miscommunications.  This makes for more efficient and better designed projects.

3D Printer

Our software allows us to produce physical 3D models of our projects using our Axiom 3D printers.


Not only are they great for HOA and County meetings, but the architectural models are also a hit with our clients.

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