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Chris Lee

Principal AIA

Christopher Lee is the owner and operator of award-winning Design Associates Architects, an innovative architectural design firm headquartered in esteemed Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He joined the Global Housing Foundation Board in 2019.

Lee has an extensive and diverse background in architecture and has worked with a variety of corporate and individual clients focusing the firm’s talents on unique, stylish structural designs with an emphasis on effective use of spatial contouring and management.

His experience and expertise provide a fresh approach to his clients and crosses several architectural, cultural, technological and design areas. His unique approach in working with clients includes providing individualized, customized architectural services and advice combined with state-of-the-art technology. His breakthrough capabilities, which include applying Virtual Reality to architectural design and project plans, have made Design Associates Architects one of the leading firms in the
country, providing enormous strategic value for clients.

Lee began his professional career by studying business in order to acquire a comprehensive understanding focused on innovative means of scheduling and project management. It was in Architecture School at Montana State University, where the energy and excitement of problem-solving combined with dynamic, creative design attracted his talents.

Upon graduation, Lee went to work with his father at Design Associates Architects, which had developed a distinctive reputation as a leading residential architectural firm in the local Wyoming area. The firm specialized in customized
residences where Lee gained experience integrating state-of- the-art site layout and an owner’s programmatic wishes to develop beautiful homes in the booming resort town.

In 2001, Lee’s father retired, and Lee took over the firm growing the business by focusing on the same ethics and standards of care that his father instilled in all their projects. Lee began to add advanced tools and technologies to supplement the process in order to enhance the depth of the client experience as well as to increase overall productivity. He hired a team of the best designers and talent in the country, developing an office culture where employees continuously feel empowered, stimulated, inspired and willing to service clients in a unique way.

Today, Design Associates Architects has expanded its influence working up to 45 projects at once. The business has expanded from its residential origins to include resorts, commercial, workforce, and hotel properties. Lee has operating licenses in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and New York and is a member of American Institute of Architects (AIA).