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Martina Bello

Project Architect – NCARB

Martina’s passion for architecture arises out of the unique challenges that building bestows upon us. Architecture sets the stage for a holistic, mindful life as a whole. With an ever-evolving building industry, she is constantly looking to expand her knowledge, especially in sustainable design, and tackle the unique social and climatic challenges architecture faces during our times. Martina considers herself a ‘Lebenskünstler’ (artist at life), as her interests go beyond architecture and encompass ‘the art of living.’ She finds architectural references in unrelated fields, and applies them back to architecture. For the Lebenskünstler, it all comes together, regardless of the discipline: From designing & setting up an organic farm business, to ‘building models’ as a pastry chef, to sharing her passions teaching as a ski instructor, setting up camp in the wilderness, to building a homestead in a rural environment together with her husband. The surrounding nature and mountains are Martina’s spiritual place, where she spends her free time skiing, hiking, backpacking, traveling, canoeing, soaking in hot springs, photographing nature, and recharging with her husband, Chris, and Border Collie, Shoni. It is here where she finds the inspiration for architecture in a mindful life. After enjoying building huts out of scrap wood during her childhood in Germany, she studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. An exchange program brought her to explore and fall in love with the American West where Martina received a Master’s degree at the University of Utah in 2002. After a move to rural western Wyoming in 2005, she completed the registration exams, and got licensed as an architect in 2010. She is continuing to stay involved in the future of architecture, serving as an NCARB committee member since 2014.